Turning Archive 2006

sharpening a Glaser 5/8 bowl gouge

James Gealy
>I posted this on the wrong forum earlier this week and it was recommended I try the turning forum for a better response. Can anyone help?

My new Glaser 5/8 inch A11 deep bowl gouge finally needs sharpening. I've got seeded gel stones on an 8 inch grinder and a Wolverine sharpening system but I'll be danged if I can figure out the geometry to create the same grind as what came from the factory. Am I going to have to buy a Glaser floor-mounted jig? Any way I can do this grind with something I can put on the Wolverine? Anyone have any info as to the angle between the tool and the jig leg, the length the tip of the tool extends beyond the jig, the length of the jig tail, etc? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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