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New AAW Instant Gallery *LINK*

Mark Mandell - Gone Round In Jersey
>For those who have not seen the notice on the AAW Forum or Website, the Instant Gallery in Louisville this year will have a new feature: Wall Display Space. This will allow pieces designed to be vertical to be displayed properly instead of being laid flat on a table or propped up with a stand gizmo.

There is, however, a catch (no pun). Unlike general Instant Gallery "rules", you have to pre-register for wall display space with the IG Coordinater, Malcolm Tibbetts, by e-mail. You should include the size and weight of your piece(s) so that an appropriate amount of space can be reserved for your use. Note, too, that since there is a limited amount of wall space available, it will be reserved on a "first come" basis. Anyone interested in displaying one (or all) of their 3 allowed IG pieces should go to the AAW Symposium page at the link and scroll down to the Instant Gallery section.

See you in Louisville!

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New AAW Instant Gallery *LINK*
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