Turning Archive 2006

How many of you collect?

Chris K in MD
>I was wondering how many of you collect turnings from other turners? Do you buy them more often or trade for them? Who is represented in your collection now? Who would you really like a peice from?

My answers to get this rolling;
I started "collecting" turnings in December. I have a couple of trades that are due to me but I have also bought a few turnings, and won one from the AAW contest. I have purchased a couple peices that I really admired from two of our own, Mark Kauder and Ed Kelle. I really would like a very long list of turnings from many people several of them a regulars here, but the peices that are at the top of my list and way out of my reach are Cindy Drozda's and Binh Pho's.

I really look forward to hearing from you all.

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