Turning Archive 2006

updated partial list of demos at the "Gathering"

T Daniel
>Here are some of the demos planned for April 25-27:

Molly Winton--pyrography

Harry Hunt--home-made foot powered treadle lathe spindle making

Malcomb Ray (Mac)--various classes for advanced turners, carving, sharpening carving tools, etc. We also plan to do an advanced turner collaborative effort under Mac's whip.

John Lucas will be doing some spindle demoes and photo booth tips

OB Obrian will do fluting and laser guided hollowing on a mini lathe

Ruth Niles will do her bottle stoppers and ......

Terry Daniel will do several beginner classes; log to bowl, chainsaw and chainsaw sharpening tips, bandsaw tips, and a class on advanced bowl gouge techniques.

David Probst.....?

A class on using and putting the burr on cabinet scrapers is likely but not confirmed yet.

Mark Kauder hopes to be here and will give classes on segmented if he is able to make it.

Have we missed anything or anyone?


There will be several hollowing demos and some tailor made mini classes as well.

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