Turning Archive 2006

Double Faced Tape "knife"

Darryl Hansen
>On occasion I turn Corian and wood disks to fit compacts, box tops etc. I usually use double faced tape to hold the blank on the mandrel or faceplate. Most instructions say to use a sharp insturment or putty knife and pry the turned object loose. I found a better way. I use a length of fishing line. We use "Spider Wire" here on the Bay. It is spun kevlar and is super strong. A 50# test line is the diameter of 6# monofilimaent plastic line. Wrap a length of line around a piece of dowel or rod. Overwrap the ends 'cause the stuff is slippery and won't hold a knot. Wrap the line around the mandrel and criss-cross the ends at the top and pull. It will cut the double face tape without putting any pressure on the turning.

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