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Jet Mini slow speed

john lucas
>I had more time to do some testing tonight. My conclusion is that with my limited knowledge of this circuit board I can't make it stop. I put a 1 meg potentiometer in the circuit. If you cut the center lead to the varible speed potentiometer the lathe will run at about 60 rpm. If you solder a 1 meg pot in series with this line(which is white on my lathe) you can adjust the speed down to that low of 60 rpm. Apparently you reach a point where the resistance is so great the circuit board sees it as an open wire.

I didn't do the math but 60 rpm is the motor speed. you have 3 pulleys so I'm guessing you can get the speed down to 1/2 or less than the 60 rpm.

I couldn't test the motor because I have defective motors but I would guess you would have pretty low torque at this setting. It would be good for applying finish. If you turn it down just a little slower than the 500 rpm than the lathe goes to without the additional pot you would probably get 300 or so rpm and still have enough torque to take light cuts.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or If you have any suggestions that I can try.

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