Turning Archive 2006

Sanding Green Natural Edge Bowl

Doug Reynolds in Seattle
>My turning club recently made a trip to rescue some Yew and others species (maple, holly, sumac, dogwood) from the power company. The Yew is pretty small (4 - 6 inch diameter) but, very pretty, so I am trying my hand at natural edge bowls. Wood is green. So, should I rough out and wait for it to dry before sanding? Normally, I would slow the speed down to power sand but, with the "wings" all I get is sort of a BANG-BANG as the sander recontacts the wood. Should I increase the lathe's speed? How does one sand by hand with these "wings"? One of the club members said he cuts the logs slightly longer and ends up with really long "wings". A test of skill and nerves.

Wood there be a better use for Yew that small in diameter?

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