Turning Archive 2006

Hollow Forms?

tek-Brunswick, Ohio
>I picked up a couple of hollowing tools from John Jordan at the Desert Woodturning Roundup. They are the ĺ" shank, straight and #1 bent hollowing tools. I havenít really done any hollow forms except for Christmas Ornaments. I practiced with them today. I didnít manage to produce a hollow form. I cut through the side on the three pieces I was practicing on. I need to get the feel of where the cutting edge is on the bent tool. What shape and size hollow form is good to learn on? I was working through a 1 1/16 ď hole. Should I start with a bigger hole until I get a feel for the tools? Thanks for any advice. I didnít meet as many of you as I would have liked at the Symposium. I need to order a WC hat for things like that.

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