Turning Archive 2006

Sears Buffing Compounds

Mike in Fort Walton Beach, FL
>Hi All,

I was at Sears this week-end and noticed they carry flannel buffing wheels (at least in six inch size, eight inch wheels were on back order and it didn't say cotton or flannel on it) with a quarter inch hole for mounting. Seems like just the right size since I mostly do just little stuff. They have a broad range of buffing compounds but I need some opinions. They have a bar called brown tripoli which I am assuming is like the tripoli in our catalogs. It even says it's for wood. They also have a small range of rouges (white, green, blue, and I think maybe red). It looked like the white rouge was coarser than the tripoli. So I'm wondering if the tripoli might be the same as the brown tripoli and if the white diamond might be the same as the white rouge? It seems like I can get away with a buffing system to suit my need for twenty dollars. I would probably eventually move up to the Beall system but I'm still learning how to finish. I'd appreciate any thoughts on the matter.

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