Turning Archive 2006

Back from AZ Dessert Roundup

George Van in WI
>We finally returned from the Dessert Roundup with renewed enthusiasm. The AZ group did an outstanding job for the “first” or many. The demonstrators were great at passing on their knowledge and I learned a lot. I only hope I can apply some of the information to wood. I also had the opportunity to meet an awful lot of great turners I had seen on this web site but never had the opportunity to meet. My only complaint was it was too short of a time. I never understood the problem of choosing from the rotation but I wanted to attend them all!
We took the opportunity to vacation in the warm weather before heading north. When we returned home we found the house at 34 degrees and the furnace not working, lucky it was not a day latter as the temps wered -14 F. The fireplace had the temps up by nightfall and all is repaired and back to normal. When we returned the 1/3 mile drive and the yard were plowed and the front steps shoveled, talk about good neighbors!!

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