Turning Archive 2006

Nova DVR Static Problem

Kenneth George
>Had a problem last week while buffing some bowls. Buffing has been creating some sizable static charges that discharge when I touch the lathe. Startling but no big deal. I was concerned though as one time the charge discharged when I hit the off button. After this I tried to remember to discharge at another location and had no problems. On Thursday I forgot to discharge before hitting the off button and the lathe turned off. Didn't stay off though, started on its own and I had to switch the main power off. After that it wouldn't start. Called Woodcraft support who forwarded me to Tim Geist who does Teknatool DVR repairs. Tim was very helpful asked me to do some troubleshooting and finally decided that the board in the control box that contains the speaker had taken the hit. He sent me a new one and it arrived on Saturday. Fantastic service, and it solved the problem.

Has anyone else had static issues with a DVR?


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