Turning Archive 2006

Small turning tools *LINK* *PIC*

Leo Van Der Loo
>Someone had asked to put up pic's of the tools I use to turn the small stuff, so here's some pictures from the tools I use to turn the small boxes and hollow forms, as the tools commonly for sale are way to large for micro turning, I make the tools myself from whatever I have in my shop, or buy some steel that is low cost and will do the job.
Scrapped sewing machines, printers, typewriters etc. have thin steel rods that will do for some tools, and solid car antenna make for a tough thin rod to use, than concrete nails and chrome vanadium steel as used in screwdriver bits and allan wrenches also can be used to make the larger tools.
A brazing or propane torch, pliers and hammer and anvil is all that's needed to shape the material to your need.
Have fun and take care
Leo Van Der Loo

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