Turning Archive 2006

Wife Said Buy a bigger Lathe

DaveAnderson (Pac NW)
>Hi to All,

My lovely bride of 37 years suprized my yesterday while I was turnig a bowl on my Jet mini. She said that I should buy a bigger lathe. WOOOO-HOOOO!!! The only thing stipulation, I had to stay reasonable. So I thought that I would seek the advise of a non- partison group. What is reasonable? A Oneway 2436? A PowerMatic 3520? A Jet 1642 2HP Vs? or maybe a Vega 2400 Bowl Master? Since I only turn for Pleasure, Maybe I should Go for the Jet and push my luck and see if I could swing a new Band Saw at the same time.

If I could only decide what is Reasonable!
Dave in the Pac NW

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