Turning Archive 2006

Well, That Was Scary OT

Barbara Gill, Remlik VA
>I was coming in by the back road of the farm when I thought I saw smoke. Since we have burning laws in effect right now, smoke should not be anywhere.
As I drove up to the other end of the farm it was obvious from where the smoke was coming. We had burned a pile of slabs, old logs, etc. over two weeks ago in the middle of a pasture. There had been no smoke showing for a week. The high winds during the last two days had caused the fire to rekindle and get into dry grass that was supposed to be pushed out of the way. It was spreading toward my shop. I called 911 and my husband. Then I soaked a towel with the cup of coffee I was bringing home and started swatting out the grass fire. All ended well; the fire department arrived and we didn't get a citation for an illegal fire. We scraped the dirt and piled it on the now smoldering pile.
Lesson learned the easy way.

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