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Little Pear *PIC*

>Happy Friday All,

Here's little bowl that I made the other day. It's a piece of pear that I burned a texture on the inner bowl and then I experimented with the swooshes cut in the rim. After turning it, and sanding, I broke off a little piece of popcicle stick to use as a shim. I put this piece of the stick between the jaw and the shoulder where it usually seats. This brought that side of the bowl out just enough so that when I used my little 1/4" skew on the face of the bowl it only hit one side. Then I did the sme thing on the opposite side of the chuck, to bring out the other side. This is what I ended up with. Then I painted the swooshes with black gesso. I then took the spacer out and made one last pass with a gouge to clean up the extra gesso. I think there's lots of opportunity for design ideas here. Something different...kind of fun. This one is already out the door, so I guess the buyer liked it :)

It's not quite 4" diameter. Finished with Danish oil, then Rockler Poly wipe on.

All comments welcome. The picture needs improvement.

Thanks for Looking.


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