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Jet 1236 head stock bearings "lumpy"

Pete in Holland, MI
>Have been noticing some noise and vibration coming from my spindle these last couple weeks. Tore the spindle down and found the bearing that is part of the Reeves drive is most of the culpret, but the spindle bearings appear pretty loose, so they're all getting replaced. The nature of the Reeves drive bearing is that it sees a lot of side thrust, which a standard ball bearing normally doesn't like, if I recall right.

Bearings appear only shielded. Would assume sealed bearings would be better in the dusty environment. Anybody been down this road before?

Had I of played with the lathe last night, I could of had bearings in hand yet today. Now I have to wait out the weekend. Poo.

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Jet 1236 head stock bearings "lumpy"
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