Turning Archive 2006

MIA at the ACC

Mike Schwing from Md.
>Amidst a blurry of wood, glass, metal, textile, ceramic, etc. art at the American Crafts Council show I just attneded, I saw what amounted to a conspicious absense -

I saw no pyrography.

About every other damned thing you can do to a piece of wood was represented. It is so commonplace around here and other websites that it sort of amazes me that no woodburning artists were participating. Molly, your work would stand out and I think probably do very well in that group of outstanding artists.

Now someone will undoubtedly respond that there was woodburning there, I just missed it...

But really - what do you make of that? Do people not want it? Are they not aware of it? I dunno. We all seem to like it.

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