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Polyester Resin and DC

R Peterson
>Hey guys and gals,
Just got some polyester resin and dyes to start making our own PR pens and was curious if there were concerns about PR dust and fumes going up my DC. I am imagining the chemical reaction (heat) to be done, but a little leary on mixing this in with the sawdust. Also, are the fumes a concern being in the ducting?
This is at a high school, so safety is of utmost concern. Biggest threat seems to be during cutting castings into blanks on bandsaw, which sucks up the dust and fumes. Otherwise, debris created while cutting on lathe (with appropriate mask) is not near DC so we just sweep up and dump in garbage.
By the way, the kids are becoming as addicted as I with our Midi and turning pens, candlesticks, etc. I can't imagine how we used to manage without this toy in the shop.
R. Peterson

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Polyester Resin and DC
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