Turning Archive 2006

Really Stupid Bandsaw Sharpening Question

Barry Irby
>There has been much debate about sharpening bandsaw blades. I just did one (105" 3tpi) in about fifteen minutes by touching the outer surface of each tooth with a cut off wheel on a Dremel. It takes me more than fifteen minutes to change the blade. So I did it in "no" time. My stupid question is.....

What would happen if you set the Dremel to just barely touch each tooth and turn the blade back wards by hand so the teeth would sort of flip past the wheel? Might have to have a soft wheel such as a sanding disk.

My first thought was to turn the blade inside out and run it in effect upside down and stone the teeth with a sharpening stone. The problem with that is it would require removing and flipping the blade and then removing and flipping it back right. Way too much time.

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