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Mike in Fort Walton Beach, FL
>I'm having one of those days (so I'm just venting, feel free to share your stories of a bad day)! I came home all excited because I finally (after about two months) got my Wolverine grinding jig set up. I had to cut some wing looking things off the side of my grinder, but got it to work in the end. I tried it out last night on a spindle gouge. Man is that thing sweet. So today, I looked online to see if I got the fingernail grind that I was going for. Nope, bevel was off and it looked more like an irish grind bowl gouge. So about an hour later and a half inch of my gouge gone, I decided since I was apparently good at getting side grinds, I should see if I could do it on a bowl gouge. Apparently not. I know tools are consumables, but an inch and a half total in one night without even turning anything! I don't think I can afford to replace them all at once. As I type this I'm downloading the videos from Oneway's site on using the jig since I'm having just a bit of difficulty with the written version. I think I'll look at them tomorrow, I'm just too frustrated to bother with it tonight. I'm an eternal optimist though and am not going to go to bed upset. Life's too short for that. Hope everyone else is having a good day. I just needed to vent for a few and now I'm going to wash the HSS dust off and hit the sack. Then tomorrow after work, I'll watch the video. If I still can't get it right, I'll drive to the first turner's house I can find that has one of these monsters and watch in awe as they show me in three minutes how to use it right and get me to master it in another five :-). Night all!
Mike in Ft. Walton Beach

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