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Maple/with Lid Segmented Vase *PIC*

>Showing what I call a production item for my local Gallery in KS. 6 maple rings 12 pcs. per ring. Solid walnut base and Walnut top. I made up 8 of these. Made drawing for 4 projects then enlarged for 4 more. I do 4 rings at a time of each size, shortly you have what you need for the whole project, now all you do is glue up and set aside for 3-4 weeks. I will vary the tops in design. In my market I can sell these a lot faster than a segmented bowl I will spend 2 weeks on. I can vari gloss and darken the maple to make different, they also can be enchansed as I desire with burning or painting. Size of vase 4" x 6". GT

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Maple/with Lid Segmented Vase *PIC*
Segmented Maple Vase with Lid
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