Turning Archive 2006

Three Hundred and Fifteen

Gary Evans Tallassee, TN
>That's how many teeth are on the 1/2" Timberwolf blade that I'm getting ready to sharpen for the second time in almost as many days.

This one I'll accept responsibility for. I had just cut through a piece of Bradford Pear crotch and was trying to keep the largest piece from tipping off the end of the table. Managed to pull it into the back of the blade, kicking it out of the guide and into the guard. I'm glad now that I didn't put away the Dremel from the last go round!

By the way, I've found a way to cheat the minimum cutting diameter limits of this 1/2" blade. Takes a little longer, but just requires cutting off corners until you get down to where you're paring off an 1/8" section. That thin piece doesn't put much pressure on the set of the blade. I suspect this may be where the manufacturers get their claims for minimum diameters! Going to order some of those 3/8" Olsen blades from Packard soon.

Up to my elbows in sawdust in East TN,

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