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Semi OT - Riding in an airplane

Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>Greetings all

I am looking for some information here that I can't seem to find in a place you might expect - like the airline! I am scheduled to do a two day demo in LaCrosse WI in April. I am going to have to fly to do this, since I do not have the luxury of time for driving out or even taking the train. I am not afraid to fly. While I have not done a lot of it, most of my flying has been in big barn like airplanes where we all wore the same clothes, and when we got where we were going, we all jumped out and ran around shouting, shooting, and throwing stuff. But things have changed a bit. The seats have gotten smaller and my seat has gotten wider since my last commercial flight in 1979.

My question is this. What is the likelihood of me fitting into a regular sized airplane seat? I do not need to be comfortable (like that would ever happen on an airplane!) but I do need to be able to physically fit into whatever chair they have for me. I really do not like the idea of having to buy two seats, although I would not mind annoying some tofu eating PETA person if I had to. The lady at the airline thought I might be better off flying out of Philly instead of Allentown since they had bigger planes, but had no objective data of any sort for me.

I have already decided to mail my tools and stuff out in a box, since I am going to have to change planes at least once, and probably twice, since you can't get there from here. I did get that much good advice from the nice lady at the airline counter (after I talked to the foreigner on the other side of the planet). So, if anyone here has some constructive info to offer, I would appreciate it.



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