Turning Archive 2006

accident with glove

JKJ in East TN
>There were discussions here once or twice about the safety of wearing a glove while turning.

A gentleman in our woodturning club tonight displayed his bruised and swollen hand along with a beautiful ambrosia maple turning that was shattered on one side.

He said his hand was getting hot while reaching inside to sand so he put on a glove to continue. The wood caught the glove and whipped and twisted his hand around hard enough to smash the turning and break out a large segment which appeared to be 1/2" thick or so at the bottom. This piece looked like it would be hard to break with a hammer. I don't think he broke any bones but I think he said he dislocated a finger joint and certainly smashed his entire hand up pretty bad. The hand and all fingers appeared swollen. After several days he's starting to move some finger again but with a lot of pain.

This gentleman is a very experienced and creative award-winning turner, careful and safety conscious. He stood up and told the story as an example of, in his own words, a very stupid thing to do.

A good reminder.


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