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Powermatic guard bracket adapted to dust collector *PIC*

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I have attempted to resize my pictures to show, per a request, how I fastened my dust collector to the guard mounting bracket on my powermatic lathe.
I used a 3/4 inch dia steel rod, drilled a hole in it so that the little spring pin in the bracket would lock it in to position. Then I made the bracket that slides on the end of the rod and actually holds the dust hood. I cut off a short section of 3/4 inch water pipe, drilled a hole in it and welded a nut on so that I could use an old hand screw to lock it on the shaft. Then I welded a 3/4 by 3/4 by 1/8 angle about a foot long on to the water pipe. Then you can swivel the bracket in and out and back and forth to position it where the hood will do the most good picking up dust. The hood itself is actually made from an old aluminum heat lamp hood that my dad used years ago to keep baby pigs warm. I just cut a hole in the top of it, leaving some tabs that I duct taped on to the dust collection flex hose. I just used a bungee cord to hold the hood onto the angle iron bracket, that way you can slide it up and down the angle bracket to get it in the right position. I had to think about this whole set up for a while but it eventually all fell in place. I hope the pictures come out ok. Jared

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