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Flat guy with a question

Joe in a Cleveland suburb
>Hi folks.

I don't wander over here often (from the flat world that is), but I have a question.

I've had a Jet mini with extension bed now for a couple or three years. I rarely use it. I plan to some day but just haven't gotten to that point yet. I need to make some Shaker pegs for part of a project; a peg board to hang a cabinet on I'm pretty much done making. For the heck of it I put a piece of scrap Cherry between the centers a few days ago to give it a shot and to see if I remembered how to turn this thing on... :) It worked fine.

Here's my question though. I know I could go out and spend lots of money and buy all kinds of toys for this little lathe but I don't want to. It occurred to me it would probably be easier to make these things if the stock wasn't between centers. I thought it would be easier if the stock was in one of those chuck thingy's. But I don't want to buy one(!). The problem I had was getting a nice clean rounded end, not the tenon end. So I thought it might be a good idea to take a piece of thick scrap - maybe a couple inches thick, make it roundish, drill a hole in the center, attach it to the face plate thingy, stick my stock into the hole (which would be centered btw), and use a screw to fasten the stock in the hole from the side. Whew. Hope that made sense.

I'm sure this is not a new idea, it's just something that seemed logical. Is it?


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