Turning Archive 2006

Desert Roundup was a blast.

Dave Smith
>I had the pleasure of making new friends and seeing a few old friends. Sandy and I are making plans to attend the 2nd annual symposium.

I managed to see Dale Nesh turn bird houses. Dale is a spill binding story teller. If I hadn't been next to his wife during the presentation I might have believed most of his tales. Dale and I have the same philosophy about keeping things simple. But he is a lot better at it than me.

Paul Porter proved to be a very good presenter. I thought it had to be a fluke so I attended an other session. The secrete will soon be out that Paul is an engaging and knowledgeable presenter.

Getting the covered wagon ready to hitch up Tuesday morning and head home.

Dave Smith

Taking less wood, but a lot less money, home to Longview, WA.

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