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Power Buffing?

David Hammond, in Powder Springs GA
>Hi guys:

I've got the Beal system and have enjoyed adding the sheen I can get from this high speed buffing, right off a bowl that I've sanded with Watco. But lately I've been experimenting with some water based laquer - I'm looking for clear, high gloss and a velvety feel. I attempted to put the laquer over Watco, which according to the manufacture should be possible. But, alas, when I tried to buff the laquer, beginnning with the Tripoli, the laquer buffed right off. So, I'm assuming I have an adhesion problem, one that Target Coatings says can be solved by simply using their water based compatible shellac/barrier coat. My real question is not about the adhesion, I can experiment well enough with that (although chime in if you guys know something I don't!) but about power buffing - can I buff a laquer finish, water based or solvent, with the high speed Beall system? If that's possible, will that attain the same kind of effect a hand rubbed laquer finish will - high gloss, and a smooth feel? I ask becuase I'm not 100% sure that adhesion was my problem, and becuase I didn't think the furniture building industry used such high speed buffing equipment, on a table top for example.

Any thoughts about achieving a smooth, glossy finish with some sort of power buffing equipment would be much appreciated!


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