Turning Archive 2006

Wear your helmut or EYE else.

>Naw, it's been safe turning for 25 years got hit in the eye before with a spec and had other close calls. Well dummy not this time. Saturday Am doing my turning thing on a segmented rough out. This is a know hazardous turning process. The chips and glue just fly. Got hit in eye under my regular glasses,no helmut on, thought nothing about it. Sunday AM wife says "what happen to your eye it's all red". Yes it was, looks like someone threw a bloody mary into it. So this am went into town to see my regular ophthalmologist(eye doctor). Of course she was gone, went to AZ with all the turners Ha!. Her assistant made an appointment in the next town. The new Eye doctor checked me out throughly, Ok this time. Lucky me Doc says the red may spread, should last about a week. All because I didn't put my helmut on when most needed: DORK, that's me. I figure this little espisode cost $250 my time lost, Doctor expense, gas expense and risking my neck on a hazardous highway. Bottom line wear your freaking helmut or your turn may be next. No photos on this people too embarrssing. GT

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