Turning Archive 2006

Would you buy one of these?

Phil Joines
>I have been thinking about making an ornamental turning attachment for cutting spirals and flutes.

The design is based on metal lathes. The cutting device would be user supplied. A small router, Fordom, air tool or a Dremel for light cuts could be used with the proper holding device. It would mount on a carriage driven by a lead screw. The lead screw would be connected to an index wheel mounted outboard on the headstock spindle through change gears and link bar.

It would be able to cut spirals of any pitch and as many leads as you care to make and in either direction. It could, with the right cutter, make exterior threads. Because it uses gears rather than belts or cables it wouldn’t have “slippage”.

It would come with a full set of gears to make almost any degree of spiral.

It could cut flutes to any length, controlled by adjustable stops. The flutes can follow the contour of the piece.

The depth of cut is controlled by another adjustable stop. No need for a pattern.

The shape of the cuts would be limited only by the cutters available for the owners cutting device.

There wouldn’t be any extra “accessories” to buy except if you needed to change to a different cutting device.

I’d need to get around $750 for it. Do you think you’d buy one at that price?

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