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Sharpen your tools

Wayne Kuhn
>Any beginners out there like me and having trouble getting the ribbons to fly?
My problem was dull tools. I was scared to take my new Ellsworth gouge to the grinder thinking it would no longer be an Ellsworth gouge when I was done. Boy was I wrong.
I sat down, got info off the web, printed it, took it into my shop and became one with my wolverine jig, grinder (slow speed)and my Ellsworth gouge. After about a half hour or so of fiddling with the varigrind attachment I told myself nothing ventured nothing gained. I turned on the grinder. In less than a minute sparks were dancing over the edge. I took the gouge to my bowl blank and was absolutley amazed, the ribbons were flying. I became giddy and turned that blank into a pile of ribbons.
Frequent sharpening is the key. If your workpiece is becoming difficult, catches,tearout,no ribbons. Go to the grinder 20 seconds and your back to lathe.
No wonder I'm hooked. As a beginner, everyday I turn something new is discovered. Hope this helps someone.

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Sharpen your tools
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