Turning Archive 2006

Pearwood Vase (Backdrop experiment--thanks to JL) *PIC*

Ken Grunke from SW WI
>In the mail today I recieved a variety of metalized plastic film requested from JL, who had contacted me last week after my query about backdrop material. Very interesting stuff, some of it is white on one side and shiny metallic on the other. Another piece is metallic on both sides, one side shinier than the other. I thought I'd use it for bouncing light in my phrugal photo booth, and it worked great for that after taping to a stiff posterboard.
I never planned to use it as a backdrop, but on a lark decided to give it a shot just for kicks. The results were interesting.
This first pic was taken this afternoon, with bright daylight through a window on the left and a reflective panel at front right. The backrop was curved up about 4 ft. behind the subject, which is a natural edge trumpet vase I turned from the trunk of a small pear tree culled from an orchard recently. This wood, by the way, doesn't look too exciting but it sure is stable! None of the pieces I brought into the shop had one crack in them even after 3 weeks, and it's quite dense, hard, and fine-grained. Pic number 1:

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