Turning Archive 2006

Band Saw Minimum Cutting Radius *PIC*

Brian Hahn in SW Wisconsin
>This issue has been raised several times. Attached is my interpretation of the minimum cutting radius situation. It should be fairly straightforward to calculate the minimum radius for a given blade width, thickness and kerf (or tooth set). I figured it out this summer, but canít find my notes and my brain just isnít cooperating today. Perhaps someone else could figure out the equation for the minimum radius while I try to get my brain restarted.

Note: Iíve assumed a symmetrical set on the teeth. An wider set to the left (outside) would move the pivot point towards the front of the teeth while a wider set to the right (inside) would move it back towards the middle of the blade.

I hope the picture works. This is my first attempt to post a picture and considering how much trouble I had getting a decent sketch and scanÖ

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