Turning Archive 2006

I'm not easily entertained - playing with fire *PIC*

Mike Schwing from Md.
>Learning some new skills, really taking time to learn to use the airbrush. This is supposed to be something akin to realistic flames, but I think its going to take painting 50-100 panels before I get it right, rather than the 3 that this represents. Fortunately, the previous 2 are many layers beneath this one. Black is a wonderful color. This panel is about 36" tall. Its just MDF with lots of layers of practice, and some drips on it.

Not sure how I'm going to apply the technique to woodturning, but I'll find a way! This technique was learned from a guy named Mike Lavallee at killerpaint.com. I have his DVD and stencils - not easy! He uses lots of urethane and lacquers which was new for me, previously all I shot through an airbrush were water based - these paints from House of Kolors are wonderful to spray - they atomize wonderfully and dry immediately. Any questions or comments welcomed.

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