Turning Archive 2006


Wayne Kuhn
>Hello, Iím the new guy here.
My name is Wayne and I am a turnaholic, there I said it.
I have been woodworking as a serious hobby since 2000.
I joined a wood turning club (Baltimore Area Turners ) last year and have sliding down that slippery slope ever since.
I have spent many $$ on my hobby in the past, however since I just upgraded my lathe from a sears mono-tube to a Grizzly G0462. Things have gotten worse. So I thought I would come here for some help to control the urges. I canít go into my shop with-out at least turning a pen or just making wood chips fly with my practice scraps. My tablesaw, jointer and planer are getting jealous. I fear they are planning an intervention. BTW, my wife (LOML)is an enabler, she let me purchase my new lathe as a birthday present a month in advance and I have not heard a peep about the other purchases that followed.
I have really enjoyed reading the posts here and have gained a lot of useful info. None about how to quit this addiction. Are you all enablers also?
I really have an urge to post other info here about myself, my lathe and other projects.
I need help.

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