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Scott Greaves in Blackfoot Idaho
>My apology in advance for this question. I just started subscribing to Woodcraft Magazine, and the March issue is my first issue. It doesn't look too bad so far, especially the cool spoon! (Thanks Mike!)

My question is for those who have subscribed to this magazine for a while. Do they have articles on penturning? Woodcraft stores are where a lot of people are introduced to woodturning, and that introduction is often in the form of a penturning class. I was just wondering if the magazine has enough in common with the stores that they "push" penturning?

I was thinking I might approach them about a series of articles on penturning, but I have no idea if it is something they have already done. I'm not really thinking of leaving More Woodturning - Fred has been very good to me, and I enjoy doing the Penturner's Corner column. I was just thinking about something more basic and specific related to popular kits from Woodcraft.

Anyway, I appreciate any and all impressions.


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