Turning Archive 2006

Mystery Wood *PIC*

Scott Hurley in N. VA
>Can anybody tell me what kind of wood this is? It is very white, soft, and lightweight. It seems even softer than pine. It was a 'hardwood' (i.e. deciduous) tree that fell in my neighbor's backyard. I helped him cut it up, and kept some of the wood. It was last month, so no leaves to help with the ID. However, it is a pain to turn - it is so soft that spur centers twist right out, it vibrates a lot when it gets thin, and has a LOT of tearout. On the bright side, after a DNA soak, it dries in about a week. When you sand it, the early/late wood cut at different rates, leaving ripples across the grain, just like oak. I'm wondering if it might be cottonwood, but I'm not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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