Turning Archive 2006

What a great afternoon! *PIC*

Gary Evans Tallassee, TN
>It was my pleasure yesterday to spend the afternoon with our own JKJ; A.K.A. John K. Jordan at his ranch near Clinton, TN. I was finally able to deliver some hickory lumber to John that I had been promising him for several months.

Once I got there, we had the opportunity to play with his new LT 15 Woodmizer. I had brought some respectable chunks of Slippery Elm, and a big Bradford pear crotch with about 5 branches in it. We proceeded over the course of a couple of hours to slab everything into 3" to 4" pieces. What fun!

The highlight of the day was when John gave me a Persimmon crotch to take home and then suggested that we go ahead and take out the pith while I was there. This led to flattening the round sides, which gave me 2 beautiful slabs of crotch wood. Unfortunately, there was a bark inclusion running the length of one piece, but I was expecting that given the angle of the two trunks.

Anyway, I have a sentimental attachment to Persimmon, so that makes these 2 pieces extra special, along with the 2 he gave me that he cut several months ago. Persimmon is the first tree that I ever cut up for turning wood, as well as the first turning wood that I ever sold, after a good sized tree fell across my driveway. Wally and Ellis both ended up with a piece of that tree.

As the man says; "If you look up 'nice feller' in the dictionary, you'll find John's picture!


Below you see the fruits of our labors.

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