Turning Archive 2006

A Good Save.... *PIC*

Wally Dickerman in Arizona
>I retrieved a chunk of Birch burl which had been discarded as un-turnable. It's a lovely piece of wood except that it had numerous small areas of pure rot, and lots of small cracks. I decided to "save" it by using a method that I've used before. I carefully rough turned it as best I could. After a period of drying I soaked it for 24 hours in a solution of 50/50 white glue and water. I allowed it to dry for a few days. I mounted it on the lathe, turned it round as it had warped, making the opening larger after truing it up. The rotted areas had firmed up nicely, and as a plus, the cracks had all disappeared. The wood had swelled and of course I was soaking it in glue. Here is the result.


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