Turning Archive 2006

Our first club "critique"

Mike Schwing from Md.
>The March meeting of the Baltimore Area Turners will be focused on a critque. At present the exact agenda and process is not well defined. I have asked that anyone who is willing to have their work critiqued turn a bowl, platter, or vase form and leave any of their "signature" details off, including signature, and it was also suggested that if they are signed, blue painter's tape be used to cover the sig. Participants are requested to bring their work in a blue grocery or otherwise unidentifiable bag and drop it off on the table. At the end of the critique we will have an exchange of all submitted work for the participants.

I am thinking of putting together a slideshow of anonymous work for the form discussion portion of the presentation, preceded by a chalk talk drawing some forms on paper/mirror, followed by having 2 or 3 chosen members examining and commenting on each submitted piece, then questions, and finally passing each around. We have about an hour and a half, I think, for this whole shebang.

I would be very appreciative for any thoughts on how this might go, good or bad, and how we would improve this evening's activity. Also, if there are any transcripts of the chat room form discussions I would be most appreciative if someone would point me in their direction.

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