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Premium bandsaw blade life?

Gary Evans Tallassee, TN
>How long should a 1/2", 3 TPI Timberwolf blade cut before it gets dull to the point where you really have to struggle with the cut?

I just used one for most of one day and a little while on two others before I was having problems with a 6" piece of green hackberry. Granted, the blade is designed for green wood and I used it to rip some fairly dry cherry into 2's and 3's to start out, but it hasn't lasted half as long as the McMaster Carr 1/4", 4 TPI that it replaced.

The saw is an old Delta 14" with riser. The guides are new CoolBlocks and thrust bearings which were carefully adjusted when the blade was installed. The blade was tensioned according to the manufacturer's instructions and is riding on new blue urethane tires.

If this is the performance I can expect from a premium blade, I may have to switch back to the generic variety for half the price.

Thanks for any speculation,

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