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Rookie - Cutting Segments for Bowls/Urns?

David Lykins - Marietta GA - guitardude
>I just started gluing up the segments for an Pet Urn I'm going to attempt to make/turn for my roommate. Once I started gluing up the segments I realized that for some reason they seem not top be a perfect 15 degree (30 degree both sides) cut. On several of the segments I got some small gaps and finally guled up half of the segments (half of the complete ring) and then sanded the joining half peices flat on my belt sander in order to join the peices.

I have this odd feeling that though my miter saw is set up correctly, the small peices of wood are moving slightly during the cut. I built a jig to clamp the peice down onto the table of the miter saw on the cutting side of the blade, but I still think its moving. When I measured the 15 degree angle the saw seemed to be right on, but the peices just didn't join up properly.

I've been using the trial program of WOODturner Pro, to determine the size of the individual peices. Very cool program in my humble opinion.

Any suggestions, ideas or jigs I could make to cut the segments more accurately?

Thanks for any help.

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