Turning Archive 2006


Don Henthorn
>Finally turned and finished the maple blank that Carole sent me months ago. Really spent some time and effort on the finish and it looks really Good. Parted it off the glue blank and used a doughnut chuck to finish the bottom and that went well too. I was really excited about taking it in for the wife to see. Unscrewed the nuts holding the doughnut chuck together and lifted the top half off the turning. I picked up the turning and turned to go in the house and the really glasslike surface of the turning slipped out of my hand and the turning went flying across the room and landed on the concrete floor of my shop. Now the concrete floor was poured by a guy who had his friends over to help with the pour and he had a keg of beer out so the guys could help themselves. The surface of the concrete is about the consistancy of 08 grit sandpaper. Yikes! The part of the bowl that hit first is a disaster. Will have to completely refinish the outside since I used about 8 coats of wiping poly on it. Luckily I turned a foot on the bottom so I think I can use a scroll chuck to hold it while resanding and refinishing the outside. I hate it when something like this happens but I am getting really butterfingered in my dodderring atate.

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