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Cutting Crotchwood On The Lathe

George Van in WI
>Since the subject for chat Wednesday night is a platter, I thought I would mention this method of cutting a crotch. I am not that good at centering the three piths when cutting crotches with a chainsaw and waste too much feather at times. I had a 16 walnut crotch that was given to me by a friend and wanted to get the most out of it. Instead of chain sawing the pith I cleaned up the crotch section with the chainsaw saving one slab for a 12 bowl. I then put the crotch log section on the lathe between centers with the piths spinning perpendicular to the bed. I adjusted the log on centers till it was balanced as well as possible and started to true the crotch. When I was able to get a good view of the three pith centers I started repositioning the log between centers till all three piths were aligned on the same pencil mark. I then turned the log till smooth at which time I used my McNaughton straight knife (parting blade) to part the log through the piths to within an inch or so of center. I finished parting with a handsaw. I then remounted the two blanks between centers and roughed ads usual. These are the best results I have had getting two blanks out of a single crotch, the Anchorseal clouds the figure. Hope this helps someone who needs an alternative method. George

14 Walnut Platter Blank

15 Walnut platter Blank

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