Turning Archive 2006

My poem to Carole....

Molly Winton
>Every so often we have a good whine.
We never know it can turn out so fine.

Carole, by chance you let us all know,
You had very little wood, where could you go?

Your friends heard your so mournful call,
We rallied the troops, and made some trees fall.

To our shops, sheds, woodpiles we ran,
Will we find what is right? Oh surely we can!

Domestics, exotics, synthetics perhaps,
Whatever we find will be more than she lacks.

By now I can only imagine what you are feeling,
Boxes from wall to wall, and up to the ceiling.

A chuckle, a laugh, perhaps a few tears?
What better way to acknowledge your peers.

So enjoy all this wood Ms. Valentine,
Because yes indeed it does pay to whine!

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