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Harbor Freight airbrush compressor - rec *LINK*

Mike Schwing from Md.
>I am too cheap to pony up big bucks for a fancy pants Iwata or other top name airbrush compressor. Instead I have used my 5 gallon noisemaker pancake, with a moisture trap. But it is just too damned noisy, and that drives Mrs. Schwingding nuts as much as it does me. This also leads me to not want to airbrush anything, which is sad because it is a great skill to have in your toolbox.

I was about to pull the plug on a $300 Iwata model when I happened to think of Harbor Freight. After all, its not a daily use tool, yet, and Harbor Freight has a store nearby. So I went to the website (linked below) and lo and behold - I find one for $49! So I went and bought it.

It works great. It is extremely quiet - enough so that it can sit right next to me on the counter and not bother me one bit. It has a good moisture trap, and delivers a constant .7 cfm at 30PSI when under load, plenty enough for modest airbrush work of thin materials, but no way would it power a bigger gun. Totally portable, too. Only drawback is there's no pressure regulator on it, but I haven't found it necessary. For $49 I'd buy another one.

What I would NOT recommend however, is buying one of their airbrushes. God to DixieArt and get a good Badger, Paasche, or Iwata. But this is a nice, quiet, reliable compressor.

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