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Milwauki/Souix bearing replacement

Darryl Hansen
>I haven't tried this but it seems to me one could make a simple bearing puller for the close quarter drill. Picture this a flat bottomed "U". The legs of the "U" are the length of the shaft from the bottom of the bearing plus the thickness of a nut. On the end of each of the legs a 90 degree turned lip about the width of the bearing outer ring bent towards the center. At the bottom of the "U" drill a hole to accept a bolt. Put the U over the bearing and a nut between the bottom of the U. Thread a bolt through the hole and make certain the center of the bolt is over the center of the armature shaft. Slowly tighten the bolt and "pull" the bearing up the shaft by the threads of the bolt and nut. No debris from grinding and no stress on the armature. Seems like it ought to work. Comments?

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Milwauki/Souix bearing replacement
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