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Craft Show booth setup / Applications *LINK*

Devon Palmer
>Hey All,

I'm going to try and get my feet with this year with a few small and 1 good sized art/craft/community festivals here in Columbus Ohio. I'm getting ready to setup a mock booth for Photos and find the "holes" in my setup.

I found a lotta great resources on the net, but, wanted to know about the top 3 points, or secrets/tricks in setting up a success booth - things like "Make sure to have a descriptive and eye catching sign" or "Make sure you have printed material available for aftersales and put out a mailing list sign up" -

Also, I'm thinking about partnering with a few members of my woodturning club and approaching it as a collective so, we can all benefit from the greater selection, and shared labor/expense. It looks like it could be a path thats "slippery" with potential problems/conflict, but, if it were clearly worked out ahead of time - could it work out well?

Warm Regards,

- Devon Palmer, Columbus Ohio

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Craft Show booth setup / Applications *LINK*
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