Turning Archive 2006

Rough out % going south in a hurry

Chris K in MD
>I have had great results with my rough out turnings having a loss of less than 10% until very recently, total (25-35 bowls with 2 lost). I have lost nearly 90% of the ones that I have made in the last two months. I think there are only two things different from my previous rough outs.
1) My shop is ~45-50 degrees expect on the weekends when I heat it to 60-65.
2) The time of the year that I roughed them.

Some of the species are the same I have done before, cherry and walnut and newly tried sycamore. I used the same methods of sealing and storing etc, but nearly all are cracking within 2 weeks of coming off the lathe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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