Turning Archive 2006

Stubby bearings

Ed Moore
>At the same time that I moved to SW Virginia I purchased a Stubby 500, which is no longer imported into the USA. It was purchased used, with sufficient wear that I chose to replace the belt before I used it very much. Now the headstock heats up sufficiently that I am concerned that I did something wrong in the belt replacement process. It may be exactly the same as before the belt change, I simply don't know.

In the thread where George Troy gave his excellent review of the Robust lathe he just got, I asked a question to see if the Robust has any heat issues. Brent gave a great response and mentioned the heavy duty 6300 series bearings that he puts in the Robust. So my question to Brent becomes, "Is it possible/feasible to replace the Stubby bearings with the 6300 type bearing?"

My main lathe use is on a Oneway 1018. I'm getting ready to turn 14 collection plates for our new church building on the Stubby 500 and I'm a little nervous about the Stubby making it through. There's plenty of time, so I don't have to make it a full bore production situation.

So, I guess I'm also asking if Stubbys have problems with heat in the headstock bearings and if so, how big a problem is it?



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